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King Julian

Mar 9 '13

Everyone can learn to code, but not everyone can code at DBC

If you’ve been accepted or you’re looking to become a dev bootcamp student I suggest you study as much ruby and psychology as you can. I’ve been learning to program for over a year. But I definitely wasn’t ready for DBC it felt like a mack truck running me over. Of course it reversed and drove over me again. That’s how it feels. 

Today one student from my group was let go and another was told to repeat these first three weeks. I spent over two hundred hours with my group and just like that we became fragmented. Our group had various opinions on how this was a wrong decision by DBC and it was bad, but I feel that the teachers made a good choice. They want to help you become better people and get jobs. They aren’t in it for just the money, or else they would pass students like how some private online universities do. 

The assessment wasn’t hard, but you really have to know your stuff. Have the major concepts down, and know them like the back of your hand. Yeah make sure to count those hairs too.


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